The Becoming Whole Conference, was a great experience for our community and many visitors too.  To continue exploring some of the areas highlighted, you may find these resources helpful.  The Isaiah 40 team, who led the conference, has shared a booklist with us, printed below.  Check for some of these titles in the Russo Memorial Library located in the Parish Hall. Healing prayer is another rich resource at CTR, available both during and after the service.

Healing Prayer

During Communion, individual and confidential prayer for personal concerns is offered by trained prayer ministers in the newly opened prayer room at the back of the Church Sanctuary. Longer appointments are available after the service, in the baptistery off the front lobby; another team, including a priest or deacon, will be in the prayer room off the front lobby.

“Books We Have Enjoyed” –  Isaiah 40 Team 

Healing and Wholeness:

Dan Allender – The Wounded HeartBold Love (with Tremper Longman)

Signa Bodishbaugh – The Journey to Wholeness in Christ

Henry Cloud and John Townsend – Boundaries (Both), Changes that Heal (Cloud), How People Grow (Both), Necessary Endings (Cloud), Safe People (Both)

Frank Lake – Clinical Theology 

Minrith, Meier, Hemfelt, Sneed and Hawkins – Love Hunger 

Gerald May – Addiction and Grace 

Leanne Payne – The Healing Presence, Restoring the Christian Soul, The Broken Image, Listening Prayer 




Richard Adams – Watership Down

G.K. Chesterton – The Man Who Was Thursday

Elizabeth Goudge –  The Scent of Water,  The Dean’s Watch 

C.S. Lewis – The Chronicles of Narnia, Till We Have Faces, The Great Divorce,

Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, That Hideous Strength

Micheal O’Brien – Father Elijah, Sophia House, The Island of the World Landscape with Dragons (not actually fiction but a survey of children’s fiction)

J.R.R. Tolkein –  The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit 


J. Budziszewski – What We Can’t Not Know

G.K. Chesterton – Orthodoxy 

Jayson Georges – The 3D Gospel

C.S. Lewis – Mere Christianity, 

(and almost any collection of his sermons and essays )

Dorothy Sayers – Creed or Chaos