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We are a place
of worship

We are a community that exists to honor the name of Jesus Christ. We believe that in Jesus, God walked among us, took our sufferings and our missteps on himself, forgave us and gave us new life. We believe that Jesus rose from the dead and is alive today and forever. We gratefully give everything to him; we adore him; before him we fall down.

We are a community
of prayer

We believe that God hears prayer. Even more — we believe that God speaks to those who come to him with an open heart and listen for his Spirit! And therefore we find prayer to be a great adventure with a God who loves us.

We are following
Jesus together

Because of Jesus’ resurrection we are a community of hope. We are passionate that Jesus’ ways shape our lives. We long for the redemption of all things: every stage of life, men and women, singles, marriages and families, children, the rich or the poor, the struggling, the happy, the mentally unstable, the driven. Indeed, all of God’s creation.

Listen and Read

New Year, New Opportunities

Each year I try to take some portion of the Twelve Days of Christmas to retreat and spend intensive time in prayer. On the one hand, the Incarnation of our God into life here, on this littered planet with its strife-torn peoples, as a man of suffering and familiar with sorrows, simply deserves as much deep attention as we are able to give it…

Speaking Into Suffering

This past spring semester I wasn’t the hardworking, friendly Gordon College student I normally was. Instead of traveling abroad and studying chemistry at Cardiff University in Wales, I instead filled the first half of my junior year with experiential learning about socialized healthcare…

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Want to join us this week?

Want to join us this week?