Bible Journey
by Canon Tim Clayton and Rev Bruce Foster

Dear Christ the Redeemer family,

I am delighted to recommend Bible Journey to you. Bruce and Angela Foster will be our leaders for this great adventure and have written this week’s Crossings on the topic.

May Jesus Christ be praised,

Are you a person who made a resolution to “read the whole Bible” but never got beyond the 17th chapter of Exodus?

Are you a daily devotional Bible reader who believes that you would get more out of your Bible time if you understood more of the context of the passages you are reading?

Are you a serious lifelong student of the Bible who is looking for a reliable and comprehensive guide to all of the Old and New Testament?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should seriously consider checking out “Bible Journey at CTR”.

“Bible Journey” is a new multi-media, web-based resource for Christians wishing to study the Bible at any level. Bible Journey was created by a gifted team of scholars headed by Dr. Tim Laniak, professor of Old Testament at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. While designed so that a person could use just the online material to study the whole Bible, it was also created so that Christians in the setting of small groups could gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and enrich their spiritual lives together.

Bruce and Angela Foster will be our local leaders on this adventure. Bruce is better known as the go-to bread baker in the congregation, but he is actually a retired Lutheran pastor who has taught Bible studies for 40 years. He has a PhD in Biblical Interpretation from Cambridge University. Angela has taught the Bible for every age group, pre-school to Senior Citizens. She has a Master’s Degree focusing on the New Testament from Cambridge University with her thesis dealing with the Birth Narrative in the Gospels.

Father Tim personally knows Dr. Tim Laniak and vouches for both his intellectual ability and his passion for the Word of God. This program has that all-too-rare quality: it has a heart and a head. It is very well done — the videos take you to the sites of the biblical stories, and walk you through the text itself and the context in its setting.

The trial run will focus on the Gospels and will begin Monday, March 1st, and continue for eight weeks studying the Gospels. This would, in effect, be a classical Lenten discipline.

Participants would be expected to work through the online material at home. There would be four or five lessons to view during the week. They are designed to take 30-40 minutes a piece depending how much optional material a student wanted to look at. We then would all get together on Zoom to answer questions and share insights. The scheduling of the Zoom meetings would be determined by the students and could occur at more than one time in order to accommodate varying schedules.

This course has a price, but a discount is available and CTR is also planning on subsidizing it. The cost for our three-month journey will be $7.50 per month.

There are plenty of questions that we are sure you have about this program. During normal times we would invite you to gather with us after church. These are not normal times! Instead, we invite you to contact us and we can deal with any questions you might have. Please email Bruce at [email protected] so that they can arrange to talk with you about the program.

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