Dear Christ the Redeemer family,
In my past few Crossings, I’ve shared how I sensed that the Lord was speaking to us in a fairly direct way through the plenary speakers invited by our archbishop at the ACNA Assembly this past summer and leading us along the path we’re already walking.  To review- the first was James Brian Smith, talking about discipleship. The second was Russell Moore, focused on outreach. Now, I’d like to share about the closing talk of that powerful day by the evangelist Ravi Zacharias. His work engages all sorts of people, but especially young people, in many nations, on university campuses and in forums. His website is worth visiting for resources about many issues and questions related to the Christian faith. I have heard Ravi Zacharias in several settings, and I always come away uplifted by the grandeur of our God.

Zacharias’ talk was about “the marks of a disciple,” but what struck me as I listened to it was his focus on our being made for life everlasting, as beings whose hearts (as St Augustine famously said) “are restless until they find their rest in you, O Lord.”

Though his topic was not directly worship, worship was, nonetheless, the logical outcome of it. When we worship our God we are setting our whole being in line with what is ultimately true and with the one who is the Source and Fulfillment of all. If we truncate God, all things eventually fall into disorder. This is why our hearts thrill as we worship, as we enter sacred time and space.

I heartily commend this talk to you; for us, as Anglicans, worship is wonderfully a major, core element of our life together. You may find it here.

May Jesus Christ be praised,