Week of January 20th-27th

Upcoming Events

Celebrate with us!

Your generous Giving Tree donations totalled $1,579!!! All of the gift cards and money donated goes to help local families in need as well as children in state (DCF) custody waiting for a foster home or reunification with their families.

Virtual Men's Bible Study

Begins January 13, 2021
Wednesdays 12-1 p.m.

The Rev. Dr. Malcolm Reid will be leading a Bible Study on 1 John. The theme the apostle John explores is God’s love for us and our love for him. The class will use the text  The Early Christian Letters For Everyone, by Bp. N. T. Wright.  You can order this from Amazon here. We will meet by way of Zoom through March 10, 2021.

Alpha Online

Begins January 28, 7:30 p.m.
As you know, we are launching our second Alpha Course soon and would like as many newcomers to join us as possible.  The goal is to invite friends, family, neighbors, etc, to the “Try-It-Out” night on Jan.28.
We have 4 leaders and 4 helpers, and a couple “pinch-hitters” as needed.  Please: PRAY FOR 5 PEOPLE FOR 5 DAYS.  THEN INVITE!!
(using phone, email, social media & the link below).

More Upcoming Events

February 17– Ash Wednesday


WARNING: It’s come to our attention that there’s been an uptick in fake social media accounts and phishing. If you receive a message on social media or email from CTR clergy, staff or parishioners that seems uncharacteristic of them, or that mentions a product or service, please contact the individual directly via phone (or email if the questionable message was on social media) to make sure that they sent this message themselves. Thank you!

Looking to Connect?

Home groups are small gatherings of CTR parishioners who meet on a regular basis for mutual encouragement, friendship, and prayer. We have groups meeting both online and in person. 

We're Hiring!

Middle School Youth Group Intern

Please email for more info if you’re interested, and click here to learn more about our youth ministry.