Dear Christ the Redeemer Family,


This Sunday is Palm Sunday so I wanted to take a few minutes to let you all know what the plan is for our worship and also a fun way you can be involved in it.

Join us Sunday at 8.45 a.m. or 11 a.m. online, as in the past few weeks. These are exceptional times and these services are different from what we are used to, but at the same time we see evidence of God doing what God does – bringing good, often unforeseen good, in the midst of evil and difficulties. We are seeing new people join our services online and hearing of family members or acquaintances joining us – it is a non-threatening way for people who may have been estranged from faith to stick their toe in, so to speak, so invite folks!

Your clergy and staff have been working diligently during this time and, as a part of that, have a creative way we can all participate in the worship on Palm Sunday.
Take a few minutes to cut a branch from a nearby tree or shrub then take a selfie or a picture of your household holding or waving the branch. Add a Poster board – that says “Hosanna” or “Lord, save us!” or “Come, Lord Jesus!”

Also feel free to create some art on your own or with your family (parents of little ones – this is a great way to constructively engage your ‘mob’ for a while!). Draw or paint some palms, or a painting of Jesus on the back of a donkey, rocks shouting, anything that you feel pertains to the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem, and take a picture or a video of it and/or of you and your family holding it together.

The deadline for all of this is End of Day Thursday April 2. If possible get them to us by 5 pm, but please by 10 pm at the absolute latest, in order for Michael to have time to get them all sorted for Sunday’s worship. Then email your artwork, pictures and videos to
Please Note: when possible please take video using landscape view. Thank you!

Dear friends in Christ – keep the faith. Keep praying, hold on, and know our Lord Jesus is near. Come, Lord Jesus!

May Jesus Christ be praised,


PS: News about Holy Week and Easter is coming soon, but do know that we expect these services too to be online.