Dear Christ the Redeemer Family,

It’s Holy Week, and we have some new plans for how we’re going to celebrate as the body of Christ this year. Although we wrestle with the sadness of not being able to connect in person, we take great comfort in the truth that at the heart of Holy Week is the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has overcome sin, sickness, and even death itself. This is a reality that we are able to enter into and celebrate at any time, but in a particularly poignant way this year. As we enter into these celebrations of Holy Week, let us remember that although we are apart in body for a time, we are united in spirit in the hope and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please take some time to click the link below where you can find and read the Holy Week Schedule & Informational Notes to learn how you and your household can participate in Holy Week. We have many opportunities for you to engage in creative new ways from home this week. (Please take special note of the Home Celebration Instructions for Maundy Thursday & Holy Saturday):



We Would Love Your Help

 Thank you to all who contributed to the Palm Sunday Digital Procession last week! We are creating a digital Easter Greeting for this week’s Easter Sunday Celebration, and we would love your help with this.

Here are some creative ideas and guidelines.

  • Create a poster board – sharing a Christ-centered message of hope such as-  “He is Risen!” , “Hallelujah!”, “My Redeemer Lives”, “Happy Easter!” or any other phrases that go with this special day.
  • Create some art on your own or with your family (parents of little ones – this is a great way to constructively engage your ‘mob’ for a while!). Draw or paint Jesus on the beach with his disciples, fish cooking on the fire, the empty tomb, Jesus talking with the women in the garden, anything that you feel pertains to the story of Jesus rising from the dead, and take a picture or a video of it and/or of you and your family holding it together.
  • Find some flowers or anything blooming, clip it and take a picture or video of you and your family. Add writing to it digitally on your phone using markup or another graphic tool.

Then Share it with us!!!

Where do I send it?

Email your artwork, pictures and videos to

When do we need it?
The deadline for all of this is End of the Day Wednesday April 8. 
Anytime up to 10 pm would be great. 

May the Peace of Christ be with you,

Fr Tim + and the CTR Staff & Clergy