Dear Brothers & Sisters,

There’s a new way to stay connected during this time of isolation. Join Karon Williamson, Director of Women’s Discipleship in her new VLOG and YouTube channel, For the Knowledge of the Glory where she seeks to highlight how the glory of God shines through his people in their various ministries, vocations, and everyday life. The guiding principle of her ministry comes from Habakkuk 2.14, the promise of that day when …the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.

“The goal”, says Karon, “is to spread the glory of God a little wider and a little deeper in our hearts and in our world by making him known through his people, like you!”

The first round of interviews will introduce our church to the members of CTR’s Women’s Council, revealing their hearts for the women of our church and community and to give them the opportunity to share how their life story fits into God’s greater story of the redemption of all things. You may subscribe to For the Knowledge of the Glory here. You won’t want to miss an opportunity be touched by the ministries and stories of our brothers and sisters in Christ, but more importantly, to be touched by the Glory of God.