During the last week of June, the Anglican Church in North America (of which CTR is a member) held a provincial Council/Assembly in Wheaton, Illinois. The theme of the Assembly was  “Mission on our Doorstep”. This was explored through a vast array of talks, workshops, and networking events. I was privileged to be a delegate to the Council business meeting and then became part of the 1,400 visitors from North America and around the world attending the Assembly.

Amid the plethora of  activities, two events stood out. The first was the welcoming of the former Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina and its Bishop into full fellowship with the ACNA. The second was the consecration of Andrew John Lines as a missionary bishop, focusing on Great Britain. The Archbishop of Nigeria and leader of GAFCON, the Most Reverend Nicholas Okoh, was preacher at this service.

What are some of the benefits of attending event like this?
We understand better the benefits that we enjoy because of our participation in the world-wide Anglican Communion.
We become more aware and appreciate of the very high quality and commitment of both clerical and lay leadership in the ACNA.
We learn more about the sheer volume and variety of its mission efforts.
We experience the blessing and pleasure of getting to know our Anglican brothers and sisters from around the world, around one table.

Perhaps attending the next Assembly should go on your “to do” list.

Bill Harper


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