Rachel Nimon

Rachel was born and raised in the mid-Atlantic. From a very young age, Rachel has loved children and has spent much of her life serving and enjoying them, doing such activities as camp counselor, Pioneer Girl leader, and interning at an elementary school. After graduating high school, she moved to Massachusetts to attend college where she earned her dual degrees in Elementary Education and History. It was also at college that she met and married her husband.

After graduation, Rachel taught elementary school for several years, as well as concurrently serving as the Children’s ministry coordinator at her church. When she and her husband welcomed their first child, she began the great adventure of stay-at-home motherhood while working evenings in a doctors office. In 2012, she and her husband found Christ the Redeemer Church and immediately found it a peaceful community with a deep love for the Word and liturgy as well as discipleship.

Rachel currently takes care of their four children. She is passionate about loving children as equal and life-giving members of the Kingdom of God and learning with and from them as we grow in our walks with Christ. She and her husband have worked to cultivate a ministry of hospitality out of their home and with their neighbors, old and new, and community, and are thankful to see their relationships with those around them grow. When not tending their flock, Rachel enjoys musical theater, exercise, and crime dramas .