This week meet: Mollie Clark
Mollie is a CTR-supported missionary who serves with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as a chaplain to undergraduate students at Salem State University and Endicott College. She enjoys running, reading, and all things outdoors with her husband, Bryn. (She also preached at CTR last February!)

Greetings, friends and ministry partners!

I wish that I had the space to update you on all of the ways that the Spirit has been at work in the lives of students, but I’ll try my best to share a couple stories that will give you just a taste!

First, on both campuses, we had nights in April where students shared about their experiences on ServeUP, an InterVarsity ministry that sends students (both Christians and non-Christians) on service trips during Spring Break. This past March we were in Puerto Rico. Our days were spent reconstructing homes that were devastated by hurricane Maria, which involved learning skills such as painting, tiling and dry-walling. In the evening, we had the opportunity to help our students connect the good things they were doing with the person of Jesus.

Keliana shared about how Jesus’ invitation for release has transformed her life. Anthony shared about how he received a Bible on the trip and is excited to continue reading it. Anthie shared about how she felt the undeniable presence of God on the last night of the trip. Another student from Salem State, Jay, shared a particularly powerful testimony of coming to faith on the trip.

When I first met Jay over 18 months ago, she described herself as being “spiritual,” but “rejected organized religion” and was “not about the church life.” But she was open to having spiritual conversations and hearing about my walk with Jesus and so, of course, we spent a lot of time together.

Sadly, Jay’s father passed away last March, just days before the ServeUP Baton Rouge trip she had planned to take. Over this last year since her dad’s passing, Jay has articulated that, even though she kept praying and believing in a god, or a “source,” she has felt “lonely, like she was spiritual but without direction.”

Fast forward to ServeUP 2019.

Jay, who is Puerto Rican, knew this trip would be big for her; the island holds a special place in her heart. However, she didn’t realize how big this trip was going to be, that she would be walking away with a new relationship with Jesus.

Jay closed her testimony that night by sharing the first entry from her new “Jesus journal” that was given to her by one of my staff colleagues on the trip:

Tuesday, March 12, Puerto Rico: Today I began calling Jesus by his name. I accept him as the bridge to God. Amen. PS: Thank you for your patience, I know you have been waiting.

Amen, indeed. Thank you, Jesus.

Second, the Easter season has given us the opportunity to share about the redemption and hope that we experience through Jesus Christ.

At Endicott College, we had an absolutely joyous Easter celebration filled with worship songs, a message, and student testimonies about how the risen Jesus is working in their lives today. It was beautiful to see the Holy Spirit working through each of them as witnesses to those in the room, some of whom don’t know Jesus!

On Easter Sunday, I was able to bring a Salem State student, Rachel, with me to church. Rachel had just made the decision to follow Jesus two weeks prior to Easter and was glowing during the Easter service. She said she loved every moment!

Finally, we had a special time of prayer earlier this month when members from InterVarsity New England’s prayer and spiritual formation team visited campus to serve and pray for our students. What unfolded was a time devoted to sharing prayer burdens that were on our hearts: for graceful boldness, for God to raise up new leaders, for plans for new student outreach next year and deepened connections with other groups on campus. I felt as if I was in the scene from Acts 1, where the disciples, the women, and Jesus’ mother and brothers gathered for prayer prior to Pentecost, where the church was birthed. As in Acts 1, the seeds of real depth and revival were present in our room.

On the topic of prayer and revival, I ask you to please be praying for the ministry in the following ways:

– Pray for students like Jay who encountered Jesus on the Puerto Rico trip, and that they would continue growing in their relationships with Jesus and have a community to support and encourage them along the way.
– Pray that students would gain an awareness of how God can use them to be witnesses in their “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth.”
– With an increased budget this year, such as the addition of health benefits, I am actively fundraising in order to sustain this ministry. Pray for me as I prepare for fundraising events and sharing opportunities, and that God would continue to raise up ministry partners.
– Pray for summer programming with students: a June 19th retreat, discipleship opportunities and Bible studies, and our Summit student leadership camp August 18-22.

I am extremely grateful for all for your faithful support, partnership and prayers. It is because of your support that I am able to minister to these incredible students, coming alongside them as they encounter the risen Jesus for the first time!

In Christ,

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