Dear family of Christ the Redeemer,

Thank you for these past nine years of serving as your Rector. I will fondly recall many wonderful memories, and I have enjoyed serving and working with so many of you. I’m grateful for our time in worship together with Bishop Andrew this morning.

I wanted to take a moment to thank some of the key people amongst the staff and clergy team who have served with me. Especially I am grateful to Fr Ray and Fr Malcolm, whose counsel and wisdom and general bonhomie have been to me one of the treasures of my ministry as a priest to date.

Fr Brian will forever remain a dear brother in the work of the Gospel, whose heart and courage resonate with my own. I know you all join me in prayers for his call and ministry in New Hampshire, and all that the Lord wants to do there.

Dan has never ceased to encourage me, with his professionalism, his kind heart, and his breadth of knowledge of classical sacred music; serving with Dan has been an honor.

I have great affection for Dcn Joshua, as big of heart and mind, as of broad shoulders and kindness.

And for Dcn Samuel, who is “wired” , as we say, a bit the same as I, but whose knowledge of the earliest Christian Fathers and their work far surpasses (and through Samuel’s patient input has fed) my own.

There are, of course, many others, but a list of this sort is a dangerous thing to begin — where to draw the line? These are the clergy (and Dan, who I have always considered clergy) with whom I will no longer be working directly, at least for the foreseeable.

We hope you will join in praying for us at Trinity North Shore. You can connect with us and follow our ministry at, join our email list, or email me directly at

I’d like to take this moment to bless Christ the Redeemer as you go forward.
Bless you all, dear friends, and may Jesus Christ be praised,