Rector Search

On behalf of the Vestry and the members of the Rector Search Committee, thank you for your interest in our search for a new Rector for Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church.

Whether you are a potential candidate or are interested in referring others, the information and resources below should be helpful to you.

For applicants, please send your curriculum vitae and a statement about your call to the ministry to [email protected].

If you know someone who may be a good candidate, please direct them to this page.

Thank you,

David Townsley
Chair, Rector Search Committee

Application Resources

Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church Parish Profile [PDF Link]

Rector Job Description [PDF Link]

To apply, please email your curriculum vitae and a statement about your call to the ministry to the Rector Search Committee: [email protected]

More about the Rector


Experience: 5+ years of ministry in a parish including regular preaching duties 

Education: Appropriate seminary degree(s) and competency with biblical languages 

Possess the qualification of Elder according to 1 Timothy 3:1–7 and Titus 1 

At Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church, the Rector has a breadth of responsibilities.  The Rector, in consultation with the Vestry, must discern those activities to perform directly and those activities that are shared with or delegated to other clergy, staff, and laity in our parish. The Rector is responsible for overseeing both the spiritual health and well-being of the parish as well as the administrative aspects of parish life.

Spiritual Life, Character & Beliefs

The Rector must be a committed Christian, well-grounded in the Scriptures and in orthodox Christian theology, earnestly contending for the Faith once delivered to the saints, firmly rooted in the Anglican tradition. 

The Rector should model for the people of God a passion for the Word of God, for the growth of the people of God into Christ’s likeness, and for the Gospel of God to be preached to those who are far off and to those who are near, that the lost may be found and the dead made alive. 

The Rector must be equipped to shepherd and pastor the congregation, modeling pastoral care for laity and other clergy with discernment and compassion. 

More details about the role are available in the job description and in the Rector Profile portions of our Parish Profile (pages 12-13).

More about Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church

Founded in 2009, Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church is located in Danvers on the North Shore of Boston. We are a place of worship, a community of prayer, a congregation of people loving God and one another, disciples of Jesus seeking the Kingdom of God. We are a people saved by grace, through faith. We are children of God, called to know and share the boundless transforming love of Jesus Christ in worship, in relationships, and in our stewardship of God’s gifts. We are here to proclaim the good news of salvation to all, and to grow disciples through the worship and ministry of Christ’s church.

We preach and uphold the historic faith of the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church; we receive and uphold the Fundamental Declarations of the Province as well as the Jerusalem Declaration.

We affirm a “three streams” perspective on the Anglican life:

  • We are catholic in worship and liturgy, valuing the rich traditions and liturgy of the historic church. We uphold the Sacraments as vehicles through which God’s grace is imparted to believers to strengthen and sustain us.
  • We are evangelical in preaching and teaching, upholding the absolute authority of the Word of God, focusing on the saving grace of Jesus Christ through his life, death, and resurrection offered to all who believe. We “go and make disciples” in our own neighborhoods and beyond, living out a Faith that permeates and transforms every part of life.
  • We are charismatic in prayer and fellowship, believing that wherever two or three are gathered, the Holy Spirit is in the midst of us, an objective reality, active among our clergy and laity alike, in our healing prayer ministry, our music ministry, our Acts 2:42 fellowship groups, and every other aspect of our parish life. The Holy Spirit as revealed in the New Testament is active in equipping the saints for the work of ministry.

For more information please visit these pages on our site: Leadership | What We Believe

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