Father Tim’s “1500 Day” Manifesto

For the next four years I will, by God’s Spirit and with His help:

  1. Pray every day that Jesus, the King, would be manifest in the fullness of his true character with ever-increasing clarity on the North Shore, especially through CTR and other churches: His Name be honored, his Kingdom come, his Will be done, as in heaven also on earth.
  2. Read at least a little in the Gospels every day, and ask the Lord to soften my heart to Him throughout the day, come what may.
  3. Love each person who comes across my path (even my enemies) in the name of Jesus, recognizing that it is the Lord Jesus who knows hearts and who redeems; my message is the cross and love of Christ. In general I will endeavour to speak about what I am for rather than what I am against.
  4. Pray every day for the leadership and president of our nation (1 Timothy 2) and believe for more good than I would tend to think possible (Ephesians 3), however God may choose to bring it about, even out of things intended for evil, from whatever perspective or source (Romans 8).
  5. Pray for humility and patience as I seek to educate myself about the North Shore, or my town or city, (its people, history, hurts, beliefs, etc.) and ask the Lord to which (vulnerable) people he is calling my heart particularly and CTR as a church, as an area of special focus, and begin to move on that.