October 21, 2020 @ 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Music Reading for Choirs, for All!

Our choirs can’t gather, but they can prepare. So, we’ll sharpen our music reading in online sessions – sessions open to all.

The Choir of Christ the Redeemer (high school age & up): Thursdays, starting 9/17, 7:30–8:15pm on Zoom. Non-choir members are welcome to tune in and learn with us in a non-threatening environment.

The Seraphim Choir (grades 4–8): Wednesdays, starting 9/16, 4:00–4:30pm on Zoom. Parents, even if your kids think that they’d not participate in choir, here’s an opportunity for free music lessons.

The Cherubim Choir (grades 1–3): Contact Cyndi Kreyling, kreylingc@gmail.com, for recorded online training.

Because of Zoom characteristics, everyone will be muted while singing and will hear only me. Participants needn’t even sing, because the music reading trains primarily the brain, secondarily the voice. And, there are no stupid questions!

For connection info (computer and/or phone) to the Zoom site, please contact me: dan@ctrnorthshore.org.