June 28, 2020 – July 4, 2020 all-day

Sunday, June 28 – Saturday, July 4

†With our Archbishop and the rest of the ACNA, we pray for immigrant parents and children, refugees, and government leaders.

†With the North Shore Gospel Partnership, we pray for all orphaned, abandoned, and at-risk youth on the North Shore, and ask that God would raise up faithful people to provide safe and loving homes and well-being for them in tangible ways.

†We pray for those who are sick or in the hospital and those searching for employment, looking for housing, struggling to pay their bills, or experiencing grief.

†We pray for frontline workers: police, firemen, nurses, physicians, senior care helpers, medical technicians, and the food industry.

†We pray for strength for the health care workers in hospitals and medical facilities who continue to work fearlessly to save lives.

†We pray for Pastor Sam Kim and the ministry of Intercultural Mission Church in North Andover

†We pray for our Africa Task Force, for Fr. Malcolm as he leads a fundraising team of board members of Uganda Christian University Medical School to raise $150,000 for a building ($75,000) and equipping ($75,000) a microbiology lab.

†We pray for our lay ministries: intercessors, healing team, meal delivery team, and home group leaders.

†We pray for persecuted Christians in China, Egypt, India, Kenya, Qatar, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

†In the ACNA Cycle of Prayer, today we pray for the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans, the Confessing Anglican Diocese in New Zealand and The Rt. Rev. Jay Behan, Bishop.

†With the Anglican Diocese of New England, we pray for the clergy of Christ the Redeemer, Danvers: Tim Clayton, Priest; Brian Barry, Priest; Ray Pendleton, Priest; Malcolm Reid, Priest; Wendy Dixon, Priest; Samuel Alberty, Deacon; and Joshua Eipper, Deacon.