May 24, 2020 – May 30, 2020 all-day

Sunday, May 24 – Saturday, May 30

†Today we pray for those in our parish family currently in physical or spiritual need: Karen O’Keefe, Barbara Sears, Sharon Govoni, Betty Herrmann, Glenn Preston, Jean Saerland, Ken Buck, and Bette Weiscopf.

†Today we pray for those in our parish family in need of continuing intercession: Gale Brady, April Connors, Aaron Gil, Lori Masi, Sarah Neill, Jael and the Nimon family, Beth Paluzzi, Ian Price, Zoe Ravichandran, Sarah, Betty Shaw, the Smith family, and Keating Wilcox.

†With our Archbishop and the rest of the ACNA, we pray for immigrant parents and children, refugees, and government leaders.

†With the North Shore Gospel Partnership, we pray for all orphaned, abandoned, and at-risk youth on the North Shore, and ask that God would raise up faithful people to provide safe and loving homes and well-being for them in tangible ways.

†We pray for Pastor Aaron Engler and the ministry of Highrock North Shore Church in Salem.

†We pray for our Bolivian Task Force, and for the ministry at Corazón del Pastor and the 36 orphaned girls they care for.

†We pray for our staff: Meah Arakaki, Fran Craig, Joshua Eipper, Allan Emery, Katy Fazio, Dano Jukanovich, Dan McKinley, Karen O’Keefe, Michael Pritzl, Katie Smith, Olivia Spinney, and Karon Williamson.

†We pray for persecuted Christians in Bhutan, Central African Republic, Malaysia, Mali, Tajikistan, Tanzania and Tunisia.

†We pray for those who are isolated: Allan and Lynn Emery, Elizabeth Giles, Elizabeth Herrmann, and Elizabeth Mugford, and for our first responders: Peter Cherry, Jake Kreyling, Andrew Neill, Kevin Preston, and Darlene Whitney.

†With the Anglican Diocese of New England, we pray for Jerome He, Priest, Emmaus Fellowship, Brooklyn, NY; Ambrose Sun, Deacon, Emmaus Fellowship, Brooklyn, NY; Paul Thuo, Priest, St. Veronicas, Middleton, DE; Joseph Bizimana, Priest (non-parochial); Eliud Mwangi, Priest, St. John’s Anglican Church, Sutton MA; Ezekiel Michael Kafeero, Priest, St. Paul’s Church, Waltham; Peter Musaka, Lay Pastor, St. Paul’s Church, Waltham; Christine Nakyeyune Busuulwa, Priest, St. Luke’s Church, Waltham; Jillian Johnson, Deacon, (non-parochial)

Prayers are also requested for the following friends and relatives of parishioners: Deb and Slats, Lani and Robert, Robb, and Pete and Marge.

Note: Names will remain on this list for two Sundays unless an extension is requested.

If you wish to add someone to, or remove someone from this list, or if you need personal prayer, please let us know by contacting the church office. Phone: 978-774-3163 Email: info@ctrnorthshore.org)