Dear Christ the Redeemer Family, 
Many of you heard the announcement last week that I will be leaving CTR this spring to go up to Brookline, New Hampshire and join Father Brian in his ministry there.  I’m both really excited about what is next for me, and quite sad to be leaving CTR.  

I have attended CTR for five and a half years, been your sexton for two and a half years, and have been a deacon for just under two years.  I have loved my time at CTR, loved the opportunity to begin to learn how to be a clergyman at CTR, and loved the chance to grow and put down roots here.  

For a little while now, I’ve had a sense that God was starting to call me away, I just wasn’t quite sure where to.  Thus, it wasn’t a complete shock to me when Brian began to talk to me about what he felt called to in Brookline and to discreetly inquire if I might be interested in partnering with him, as I began to visit and see what he has going on, and finally as I began to see how I might be able to partner with him and get excited about it.  

I will be plugging into the life and ministry of the mission in Brookline.  I will live in an apartment over the Barry’s house, join Father Brian at prayers, join them on Sunday mornings, and probably work with them in their after-school program as they launch that.  In addition I will work with the Barry’s on continuing to get their house and their grounds into the shape that will best support the life and ministry they envision as well as renovating the apartment I will be living in. Finally I hope to use my skills to work in the community too, both for income and even more to get out into the community and build relationships there.  

Thankfully Brookline is only an hour away from CTR and I hope not to lose the friendships we’ve created over the years.  Indeed, I hope to continue the work I have begun with guys groups here at CTR and indeed advance some of that to the next level.  

I pray that as I make this shift I am able to bless Father Brian, that I myself find myself blessed by the changes, and finally I pray that God blesses each one of you. 

Thank you for everything, you have been the best!  
In Christ,