This is a wonderful opportunity for every Christian who desires to have a greater awareness of what it means to walk in step with the Holy Spirit. This is a Conference beginning on Friday evening October 13 and concluding on Saturday afternoon October 14. Bishop Murdoch has conducted this particular teaching in many places in the Diocese as well as many locations in Africa. Fr. Brian, who traveled with him in Africa, gave Bishop Murdoch high praise for the clarity and power of this teaching.

We have made this Conference at no charge so as to have as many as possible attend. It would be an exceptional blessing to see the greater portion of our Parish in attendance. There will be a ‘love offering’ taken at the end of the Conference. In addition to the teaching portion of the Conference there will be worship music on Friday evening and Saturday morning, led by our own Michael Pritzl. At the close of the Saturday afternoon service, there will be an opportunity for prayer for those of us who desire a special blessing in our walk with the Holy Spirit.

Please do register at, so that we will have an accurate count for the preparation of the food.

Our Healing Team, along with many others have been praying for this Conference. Please join us in asking God to pour out a special blessing on this time together.

Grace and Peace

Fr. Ray