Executive Outreach Team

Executive Outreach Team

Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church (CTR) recognizes that God calls all Christians to participate in the mission of His church. The Vestry of Christ the Redeemer has shown its commitment to this vision by dedicating a percentage of the annual budget (and all wills and bequests) to the outreach of CTR locally, regionally, and beyond.

The outreach ministry is directed by the Executive Outreach Team (EOT) responsible to the Vestry for overall policy and financial decisions. Task Forces direct and communicate with specific outreach projects, missions, or missionaries.

Check the Outreach bulletin board in the Parish Hall for frequent updates on outreach activities throughout the world.


The responsibilities of the Executive Outreach Team are to:

  • Pray consistently for the outreach of Christ the Redeemer.
  • Ensure that there are many opportunities offered within the parish to support with prayer the outreach and evangelism efforts of Christ the Redeemer.
  • Advocate with senior church staff for outreach efforts and exposure and to ensure that such efforts are properly advertised and resourced.
  • Convene meetings at least once a year with the chairs of all Task Forces to receive reports of their work and to consult on priorities, new initiatives, or difficulties.
  • Determine ongoing and future financial allocations in balanced accord with the guiding principles.
  • Re-evaluate and balance the current outreach budget in accord with the guiding principles.
  • Evaluate the current commitment of a particular percentage of Christ the Redeemer’s budget to see if it is adequate for supporting the vision and hopes of the parish and Rector.
  • Ensure that the ongoing work of each Task Force is communicated to the parish through the website, occasional bulletins, mission minutes, and other appropriate means.
  • Determine, clarify, and articulate the guiding principles of outreach at Christ the Redeemer.

Guiding Principles

The guiding principles are:

  • We primarily, but not exclusively, support Anglican Missions.
  • We concentrate on developing a few long term substantial relationships both in terms of people and financial support.
  • We mainly, though not exclusively, choose projects where there is, or can be, a substantial involvement by members of the parish.
  • We will support a mission, missionary, or project up to no more than 30% of its total budget.
  • Every major supported mission, missionary, or project must have a task force of at least two members.
  • Mission agencies, missionaries, or other entities that do not provide a report of how our funding has been used in a given year will not be continued in the following year.

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