Lessons and Carols

Lessons and Carols

Christmas Eve, 1918, Cambridge, England: At King’s College, the organist finishes softly the prelude. There is a moment of silence in the darkened, candlelit sanctuary. Then, in the back of the church, one boy soprano sings out, unaccompanied,

“Once in royal David’s city / stood a lowly cattle shed /
where a mother laid her baby / in a manger for his bed.”

The choir joints on the second stanza. The congregation adds its voice in the next, ending in a swell of sound.

Thus begins Lessons and Carols, as it has for nearly a century.

Join us Sunday, December 17, at 5:00pm, for Lessons & Carols.

It follows closely the King’s College liturgy, Adapted from a similar service written for the Truro Cathedral (Cornwall, England) in 1880, the chapel dean intended it to give hope and bring light to a hopeless people, darkened by post-war pain.

The festival is structured around nine Scripture readings that recount God’s plan of redemption, beginning with the fall of Adam and Eve and the hopeless state of humanity, and culminating with the birth of Christ and restoration of light and life in the world. We recount the story of how Jesus Christ, who, although he existed in the form of God, chose to empty himself and take the form of man.

The Choir of Christ the Redeemer and the Seraphim Choir will lead the congregation in the singing of Christmas carols and other classic Christmas hymns, accompanied by violins, brass, percussion, and an organ.

This festive occasion provides great opportunity to invite and bring family, friends, and neighbors.

May our music in worship point to the great wonder of God with us: Jesus Christ.

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