Campus Expansion

Campus Expansion

In 2016, Christ the Redeemer entered a season of strategic discernment. After eight blessed years, it was time to refine our sense of vision and mission: how should CTR move forward? In 2017, with that clarified vision, our Campus Advisory Team began discussions on the needs, space, and cost of expanding the campus.

As an Anglican community, CTR is well-versed in the ‘physicalness’ of Christianity—that the spiritual has implications for the physical (and vice-versa). Campus Expansion, for us, is a process where we explore if, when, and how we might partake in the human task of consecrating more space for God’s use.

We’re excited to share this possibility with the wider community. Please continue to pray with us as we discern how best to advance CTR’s mission on Boston’s North Shore.

October 15, 2017 – Eric Keifer and Fr Tim present the work of the Campus Advisory Team to the rest of the CTR Community.

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