About Our Church

About CTR

CTR is a community of people who follow and worship Jesus Christ: we believe that by his life — the most-influential of all lives ever lived — and by his self-giving death and through his victorious resurrection he has pioneered the way into new and ever-ongoing life. He is the great King who lives now and forever, and gives us a trustworthy promise of participating in new life that begins even now, though it will be perfectly fulfilled when we are united fully with him. Jesus gives us his own Spirit — the energy and essence of his own persona and presence — with strength to love others and faith to follow him.

So we follow Jesus together: a family of faith. We yearn together and encourage one another in spite of our failings, limitations, baggage, anxieties, or shortcomings of whatever sort. We certainly are not perfect but we are loved, and we try to live our faith together in a way that is honest and authentic.

We welcome you to come and join us in this great adventure. Or, if that feels like too much, just come and see about Jesus Christ, with open mind and open heart.

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