On the Season of Lent

As the Church builds our lives around the rhythms of celebrating Jesus’s story, we partition a special time leading up to Easter. We call it “Lent.” These forty days of preparation mirror the forty days Jesus spent in the desert, and was tempted in a kind of preparation for his ministry. In that way, maybe it’s less preparation and more war.

Let’s be honest. Lots of the year we let things go. We think, “This isn’t healthy” or “I shouldn’t be doing this,” but we say we’ll deal with it later. We let things slide. Too often, we know exactly what we need to do to be a healthier, holier people. We just haven’t done it yet. We’ve put it off.

Lent is a season to address those things. It’s a time to face our demons.

So, go get a shovel! Dig in those places that hurt. Figure out what the problem is. Tell yourself, “No. We’re dealing with this now.” Lent is a season to pick a fight! Lots of our parishioners fast during Lent. Some don’t drink any alcohol, or don’t eat meat, or don’t watch TV. Others do an act of selflessness each day. To each his own. No one’s looking over your shoulder. But, this is a season that the Church has designated for us to “do the work.”

Below we’ve listed some of the events during Lent this year. Blessings on your Lenten season.

The Schedule

February 14     Ash Wednesday (6:30am, 5pm, 7:30pm)
February 16     Stations of the Cross Begins (12:00-1:00pm; every Friday throughout Lent)
February 17      Third Saturday Service (5:00pm, led by Fr. Tim)
March 4              Choral Evensong (5:00pm, followed by reception)
March 11            Third Saturday Service (5:00pm, led by Fr. Tim)
March 25            Palm Sunday (services at 7:45am, 9:00am, and 11:00am; 8:45-10:45am Brunch)
March 26            Holy Monday (7:30pm Eucharist)
March 27            Holy Tuesday (7:30pm Eucharist)
March 28            Spy Wednesday (7:30pm Lament)
March 29            Maundy Thursday (4:00pm Children’s Celebration; 5:00pm Passover Meal; 7:30pm Eucharist)
March 30            Good Friday (4:00pm Children’s Celebration; 5:00pm Confessions available; 7:30pm Service)
March 31            Holy Saturday/Easter Eve (9:00am Office; 4:00pm Liturgy of Light; 7:30pm Vigil and Reception)
April 1                  Easter Sunday (one service at 10:00am)